Enjoying Crochet LLC's Free Shipping means there will be NO ADDITIONAL COST added to the cost of the doll to ship your doll. The administrative cost to ship and processing credit card fees have been ready been added into the cost of the doll. (NOTE: If you subtract the smallest of shipping fees of $12.00 from the doll price and the $3.00 credit card fee that totals to $15.00 from the shown price of the dolls you'll see its true price. Example... a charge of $46.99 is actually $31.99 before sales tax.) IF you purchase more than one doll at one time of coarse the shipping charge cost is higher. ONLY SALES TAX is added to the price given where it applies.
Only a mandatory state sales tax + surtax charge and will be added at time of purchase. My area requires a 7% sales tax + a 1% surtax charge per item.
The cost of supplies vary to how much it takes to make a doll plus the cost to purchase the supplies keep increasing. Enjoying Crochet only purchases a product on sale if at all possible and that is 95% of the time. Each doll is weighted as well as each produce used. If 1/3 of the weight of a product is used only a 1/3 of the cost of that product is charged. Only the amount used and that amount's cost is figured in to the cost of making a doll is charged. This process makes each doll's price a fair rate.
No. The reason why is if 100 orders are requested, this one person creator would not be able to fill the orders is a timely fashion. The enjoying of crochet would quickly turn into the hating of crochet and that would physically harm the doll maker. Yes, custom orders were one taken when it was a hobby because no charges made, it was done free. Which is not sustainable with the rising cost of supplies. That is why its now a hobby/business to recoup supply cost and made a modest amount for the time to made doll.
Enjoying Crochet does not charge by the hour, it a flat rate system on Enjoying Crochet's rates of complexity + supplies. There are 5 different complexities flat rate used at this time. On Sale rate, Special rate, Moderate rate, Difficult rate and Complex rate. On Sale rate has not be used. Special rate is not used much. The two flat rates used most in this shop is Difficult rate and Complex rate. Reason is, I what a nice looking quality doll produced not a quick cheaply made product in this shop. Basically, the harder the pattern and the longer it takes to make and the higher the flat rate charge. Again, Flat Rate is the time to make a doll. Shipping is an extra charge per doll which is also a flat rate charge. Answered is a previous question. Sales tax charges are mandatory, can't get around that with the state. Answered is a previous question.
No. Reason is there are multitudes of animal pattern styles flooding the market and to purchase each one for a one time job would not be cost effective nor would it be time effective learning a new pattern. BUT, there are a few exceptions. Enjoying Crochet LLC does animals that look much like a doll. Examples... Beverly Bear in the shop. The giraffe lovey blanket and rattle set in the shop. The Bun Bun Bunny in its shorts and vest. (now gone) Basically a doll body with an animal face. Again... No custom orders.
You never know what the future will bring. One day there could be a custom doll order market. We'll just have to see. If it changes there will be announcement made. As for right now (2023) it's a no.
No. Only this online shop.
Yes and No. Yes, If I personally know you (family and friends) and you live in my immediate location. No, if I don't know you. I do not give out my address and phone number. I only use my email for sales communications through this online shop platform to complete an order.
NOT by phone or texting only through... EMAIL... enjoyingcricher4@gmail.com FACEBOOK... http://Facebook.com/EnjoyingCrochet INSTAGRAM... http://Instagram.com/enjoyingcrochet TWITTER... https://twitter.com/EnjoyingCroche1 Email is also used when an order is place in this platform to acquire the order's address and to answer questions about an order.