ENJOYING CROCHET LLC may be new to many but the owner is not new to the craft. Cheryl started crocheting in the 1970's making lots of granny square throws, bed spreads and Afghans.
The love for crocheting, as well as the love of dolls since childhood made me a perfect match for the enjoyment of the craft of crocheting dolls and it is what sparked the name ENJOYING CROCHET. The love for each completed doll gives the feeling of them loving you back so I birthed the slogan; “Dolls That Love You Back”. ENJOYING CROCHET LLC dolls are not factory made but hand made by me who loves the craft of crochet.
ENJOYING CROCHET LLC will NOT make custom dolls but will be constantly stocking the store with a variety of dolls in a variety of styles and skin tones from pale to dark. The dolls will have their own unique look and some dolls with physical challenges.